Visit the following link if you are not already familiar with the FIRST organization or FRC:

Official Team Video as of 2020

2019 is the first year I was officially on the Bosco Tech FRC team. Prior to this I sorta worked on some things related to FRC but never in this capacity. The team isn’t hard to get onto in any regard; it’s just that it seemed kinda boring the first two years I was at Bosco Tech. I guess I just didn’t really know much about the team as back then; the team was quite small, the robots weren’t much to look at, and the team didn’t get any publicity. This post will briefly cover my part in the 2019 FRC season as well as the time between this season and the next.

Each FRC season starts at the beginning of each year. Now when I joined the FRC team I was also on the varsity tennis team and the seasons overlapped one another. I couldn’t do both at the same time effectively so I had to drop one and I ended up leaving the varsity tennis team for the FRC team. One of the best decisions of my life.

This was my first time designing robot parts that would actually be used on the FRC robot. The part of the robot I worked on for the 2019 season was the ball manipulator (the thing with the green wheels). It had to intake a large dodgeball-like ball then hold it securely until it must eject the ball into one of the holes on the play field in order to score. I did need some help with creating an effective design for the manipulator but eventually I got the hang of it. I would always ask others for help or to check my work. Another part of the robot I made was the chain tensioner for the lifting mechanism and the battery holder. All of my parts held up well for the duration of the season and onward.

Once the season was over, the team needed to start preparing for next season. First by figuring out what everyone’s duties would be for the next season (Team Captain, Manufacturing Lead, Programming Lead, Design Lead, etc.). To my surprise I was selected as the Team Captain for next year. I had only officially been on the team for a season (a few months) and on top of that had never officially leaded any kind of a team before. I accepted the position and got to work. Soon enough I started hosting off season meetings and coordinating with others members of the team to prepare for the next season. Recruitment was a big deal. The FRC team was low on members as the seniors had left. Eventually, during the next school year before next season we had around 40-50 members (we had 8 or so the season before). This was great but the problem was that most of those members were new to FRC and even though we tried training them before the 2020 season there were still only a few people doing the majority of the work on the robot in the 2020 season (nothing is better for training than participating in a season yourself).

I can say a lot more about FRC in 2019 but for the sake of keeping this post readable I will stop here. Below are more pictures of the 2019 FRC robot and of the SOLIDWORKS CAD I made that year for the team. Thank You!

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