In late 2019 the principal of Bosco Tech was wondering if FRC team could use a robot to light the upcoming homecoming bonfire. This idea came up because in the past people have been severely burnt when lighting the bonfire. The idea was brought up to me and I took on the project. It was a quite simple project so I just did it myself. All I did was secure an aluminum t-slot bar to the 2019 FRC robot then duct taped a road flare from the local Walmart to the end of that. I did some preliminary testing and it seemed it would work consistently.

The flare stick did fall off of the robot the first time it attempted to light the bonfire (which was embarrassing) but I managed to put it back on and the robot was able to drive up to the pallet stack and light it just fine. The bonfire was lit with complete safety for the first time ever. I assume they will continue to use this robot for bonfire lighting. Below you will find more pictures of the robot and the bonfire as well as a brief video of the robot driving around the lit bonfire.

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