Battlebots Prototyping (2021)

I had been thinking of designing my own Battlebot for a while and in January of 2021 I finally got to it. This post covers the first prototype design from conception to testing as well as plans for the future of this Battlebots design. Above, is a video of mine which shows some of the […]

Freelancing (Since 2020)

As of now I haven’t done much contracting work but it is still worth mentioning as I would like to do much more of it. Each job has a section with details accompanied with a gallery, the amount of time the job was completed in, and the difficulty of the job from a scale of […]

Miscellaneous/Failed Renders and Images (SINCE 2020)

There are multiple obvious reasons for having excess renders and images from multiple projects. I just thought it would be nice to compile all of mine into one place. Here, you may see my accumulation of miscellaneous/failed renders and images during or after various projects. Enjoy!


This is the first design/engineering related thing I did at Cal Poly Pomona which is worth mentioning. The project was just for my intro to engineering lab class and it was to make a 3D model of some item in your house then make drawing(s) for it. I chose to make the floor lamp […]


So during the pandemic and nearing the 2020 graduation, Bosco Tech, my high school, was trying to decide how to safely host graduation for the seniors graduating that year (I was one of them). At some point one of the instructors pitched the idea of using the robot to hand diplomas to each the […]


There are enough articles already describing what we did so I’m just going to go over this briefly. It all started when one of my instructors reached out to me for help with designing a face shield. I agreed to help since at the time I had nothing better to do. While I was making […]

F4 CADATHON 9 (2020)

If you aren’t familiar with what a CADathon is, it’s basically a competition in which several teams or individuals compete to design something in CAD in a short period of time. In the case of the biannual F4 CADathon it was to design a full FRC robot in just a week (Usually 3 days but I guess […]


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