Raytheon Internship (Summer 2022-)

I’ve landed an internship at Raytheon Intelligence and Space. So far I’ve been creating high quality assembly animations and designing actual tools for the tooling department. I’ve taken an educational leave of absence and will be returning next summer. This is the best internship experience I’ve had by far and overall the best experience I’ve […]

DOOM MK3 (2022)

MK3 is MK1 a year into the future. The final proof of concept I needed before designing the 250lb version. I’ve completely tested it. It drives amazing and the weapon system is super cool and actually works now. Here’s some pictures and videos.

GradBot 2.0 (2021)

The 2020 Graduation Robot was a success and people liked it so much that they wanted to use it every year moving forward with or without the virus. I alone was tasked with getting the robot together for the 2021 graduation. Even though the 2020 graduation robot worked great, it still had several significant issues. […]

Battlebots Prototyping (2021)

I had been thinking of designing my own Battlebot for a while and in January of 2021 I finally got to it. This post covers the first prototype design from conception to testing as well as plans for the future of this Battlebots design. Above, is a video of mine which shows some of the […]

Freelancing (Since 2020)

I’ve taken on freelancing since 2020. Each featured job has a section with details accompanied with a gallery, the amount of time the job was completed in, and the difficulty of the job from a scale of 1-10 (lower being easier). If you or someone you know is at all interested in my services, feel […]


This is the first design/engineering related thing I did at Cal Poly Pomona worth mentioning. The project was just for my intro to engineering lab class and it was to make a 3D model of some item in your house then make the drawings for it. I chose to make the floor lamp I have […]


So during the pandemic and nearing the 2020 graduation, Bosco Tech, my high school, was trying to decide how to safely host graduation for the seniors graduating that year (I was one of them). At some point one of the instructors pitched the idea of using the robot to hand diplomas to each the students […]


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